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From Sealing to Ceiling: Flooring and Painting Services for a Lowell Manufacturer

Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Does your industrial flooring professional protect both your schedule and your property?


In a recent project spotlight, we shared a closer look at how we helped a client troubleshoot their industrial flooring system. Specifically, we tested for (and identified) a high level of moisture in their slab, making a moisture mitigation system an essential part of their overall flooring strategy before new equipment was delivered. You can find the full overview here!

In a similar way, we worked intensively for this Lowell manufacturing facility, helping them proactively prepare their property for a new piece of equipment. Planning ahead and making these improvements in advance was the most cost-effective approach to take, protecting our client’s budget, schedule, and investments.

Concrete Sealing: Paving the Way for New Equipment

Our client’s priorities were definitely on point: before their new machinery was delivered, they wanted to be sure their flooring was totally prepared and protected. And, that their ceiling was painted while the space was still empty.

Here’s a closer look at the products and process we used:

  • We began by thoroughly containing the space (more on this below!).
  • On the flooring surrounding the machinery pit, we installed PIP (Protective Industrial Polymers) 1000 CR. This is a 100%-solids epoxy coating that offers superior durability, ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, and looks fantastic.
  • We topcoated the PIP 1000 CR with PIP 2000 UR, a high-solids polyurethane topcoat. It offers an additional level of protection for the epoxy system underneath. As an extra benefit, this system boasts a very breathable, thin mil coating without sacrificing strength.
  • Taking the durability to the next level, we coated just the machinery pit with Polycrete SLB, from Dur-a-Flex. This workhorse product provides numerous benefits that are ideal for a high-impact environment: abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, durability, ability to withstand heavy traffic, and more. It was also our client’s goal to use this system to ensure that no liquids could leak in or out of the machinery area, completely protecting their equipment investments.

Industrial Ceiling Painting and Containment

In addition to prepping the floor, we also were asked to clean and paint the ceiling deck. Because we were working within a fully-operational manufacturing facility, project containment was a top priority. This kind of industrial-grade cleaning is not only an essential part of the preparation process, but also is a vital part of any maintenance strategy. You can learn more about these specific services (and their value) right here.

We used 4 mil plastic, stretched from floor to ceiling, to ensure that nothing found its way out of the work area. After the barrier was in place, we cleaned the ceiling deck, mechanicals, and bar joists to our industrial client’s standards, ensuring a strong bond for the paint. Following a thorough cleaning, we applied Sherwin-Williams’ Latex Dryfall to the entire deck, mechanicals, and bar joists. The beauty of this product is that any overspray dries almost instantly, falling to the floor in a dust-like form that can be easily cleaned up when the job is done.

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