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How Concrete Polishing and Restoration Mitigates Dust and Adds Strength and Longevity

A facility floor after concrete polishing and restoration How Concrete Polishing and Restoration Mitigates Dust and Adds Strength and Longevity

The con­di­tion of your floor­ing has major impli­ca­tions for your facil­i­ty as a whole. Dirty, dusty, dete­ri­o­rat­ing floors dimin­ish your workplace’s appear­ance, increase health and safe­ty risks, hin­der morale, and more. Con­verse­ly, clean, durable floors help stream­line your oper­a­tions, min­i­mize cost­ly repairs and replace­ments, improve health and safe­ty out­comes, and enhance your inte­ri­or atmos­phere. Pol­ish­ing your con­crete floors can help you effi­cient­ly achieve these ben­e­fits. Here’s how con­crete pol­ish­ing and restora­tion mit­i­gates dust in your facil­i­ty while adding strength and longevi­ty to your flooring.

How Your Facil­i­ty Can Ben­e­fit from Con­crete Pol­ish­ing and Restoration

Con­crete Pol­ish­ing Cre­ates a Smooth, Glossy Surface

The con­crete pol­ish­ing process uses dia­mond grinders to elim­i­nate pits, stains, pre­vi­ous coat­ings, and oth­er minor imper­fec­tions from the floor’s sur­face. This pow­er­ful pol­ish­ing process cre­ates a smooth, even sur­face free from any nooks and cran­nies that dust and oth­er small par­ti­cles typ­i­cal­ly cling to. In oth­er words, a prop­er­ly pol­ished con­crete floor is a high­ly dust-resis­tant floor. With less dust lin­ger­ing in your facil­i­ty, your indoor air qual­i­ty will improve over time, and your inte­ri­or will enjoy a brighter atmos­phere thanks to its bright, reflec­tive floor­ing. The num­ber one step to keep your pol­ished floors look­ing their best is to keep the sand and grit off by reg­u­lar­ly dust-mop­ping the floor , but you’ll find that dust removal becomes much less of a chore.

Con­crete Den­si­fiers Pro­tect and Strength­en the Top Lay­er of Flooring

In addi­tion to keep­ing dust and dirt at bay, con­crete pol­ish­ing is also designed to strength­en the over­all dura­bil­i­ty of your floor­ing. As the dia­mond grinders get to work, a pen­e­tra­tive chem­i­cal seal­er (known as a con­crete den­si­fi­er) is applied to the floor, seep­ing into the concrete’s pores to pro­tect it from mois­ture and oth­er threats as well as hard­en its top lay­er. Ulti­mate­ly, then, your already-durable con­crete floor­ing becomes even stur­dier when prop­er­ly pol­ished. Best of all, a pol­ished con­crete floor doesn’t require a top coat­ing (e.g., epoxy, ure­thane cement, etc.), as the sur­face is already well-sealed and strong.

Pol­ished Con­crete Floors Are Easy to Maintain

With supe­ri­or dust resis­tance and dura­bil­i­ty, con­crete pol­ished floors don’t require near­ly as much main­te­nance as they did before. As men­tioned ear­li­er, it’s still impor­tant to per­form dust-mop­ping and wash­ing on a reg­u­lar basis. That said, it doesn’t require a great deal of time or ener­gy to com­plete­ly clean pol­ished con­crete floors when com­pared to oth­er floor­ing sys­tems. This ease of main­te­nance not only allows you to allo­cate resources else­where – it also means that your pol­ished floors will last a long time. But how long does con­crete pol­ish­ing last, exact­ly? With prop­er main­te­nance, these floor sys­tems can endure for 20 years or longer (com­pare this to tra­di­tion­al­ly coat­ed con­crete floors that need to be recoat­ed every 3 – 5 years on aver­age). At Kaloutas, our pol­ished floor sys­tems nev­er require wax­ing, strip­ping, or buff­ing. With a sol­id clean­ing plan in place, these floors are meant to stick around for the long haul.

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