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Industrial Cleaning: Is it Time to Clean Your Ceilings?

Posted on Friday, May 03, 2019

Industrial Cleaning: Is it Time to Clean Your Ceilings?

When conducting facility maintenance in your industrial space, it’s easy to pass over certain areas until there’s a problem. But don’t forget to look up! Proactive, regular cleaning of your ceilings is a great investment and can prevent more significant hazards and issues in your workspace.

What to Know About Industrial Ceiling Cleaning

What’s Hiding in Your Ceilings?

Aside from contributing to poor aesthetics, a dirty industrial ceiling could lead to a lot of issues in your industrial space. You’re not working in a zero-gravity zone, so dust, dirt, and other environmental contaminants could fall from your ceiling into your delicate equipment and disrupt your operations.

Depending on your product and industry, even the slightest airborne contaminant could disrupt chemical or manufacturing processes.  Contaminants could also increase the risk of a fire hazard and put undue strain on your HVAC system.

Dust and dirt aren’t the only risks when your factory or warehouse ceiling hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Moisture interference in your ceiling could cause additional health and safety risks as mold and mildew grow.

Smoke can also get concentrated in corners and other out-of-the-way places on your industrial ceiling. This can lead to damage (both seen and unseen) that will cost you time and money later.

How Cleaning Professionals Can Help

If you're thinking about cleaning your ceiling, it's time to get it done. We recommend scheduling regular industrial cleaning and maintenance to avoid costly issues caused by moisture interference, contamination, mold, or mildew eating away at walls and ceilings over time.

The more proactive you are with regular industrial cleaning and ongoing facility maintenance, the less likely you are to have unforeseen costs, compromised product, halted production, or employee health and safety issues. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, a regular cleaning can alert you to problems lurking below the surface so that you can find a solution faster.

Hiring a contractor with industry-specific expertise is key. They can tell you how often cleanings are recommended based on your field or industry. It’s best to check sooner rather than later, as some industries need their facilities cleaned as often as once every three months.

Your cleaning contractor has the knowledge to evaluate your space for the equipment, techniques, and project scope best suited to your needs. For example, food and beverage producers may have different cleaning priorities/frequency than a manufacturing or chemical engineering site.

A Fresh Start for Your Business

Keeping your factory, warehouse, or industrial site clean is about more than organization and occasional wipe-downs. It’s a thorough process that requires expert attention to detail, analysis of problem areas, and planning for ongoing upkeep. Your company can have a fresh start throughout the year, depending on your needs. Your products and processes will maintain greater integrity.

Employees will know that their health and safety are valued and that creating a clean, inviting work environment is a priority for you. When it comes to solving problems before they arise and maintaining a beautiful facility, take it from the top and keep your ceilings clean.

Working with Kaloutas means your industrial cleaning jobs get done with a no-work-stoppage guarantee. We work around your schedule, and know what’s best for your equipment, your product, and your industry guidelines.

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