Industrial Painting Surface Prep Is Essential for Tilt-Up Concrete

Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2018

Industrial Painting Surface Prep Is Essential for Tilt-Up Concrete

Proper prep work is the key to a stunning and long-lasting industrial paint job, whether it’s an accent wall in your office or a million square feet of tilt-up concrete. The combination of smart preparation and knowledgeable painting contractors makes the difference between a ho-hum coating and a head-turning paint job that lasts for years without issue.

The industrial painting contractors at Kaloutas specialize in detailed, prep-heavy industrial painting projects and are used to working on tight timelines. Our team has more than 30 years of experience working on industrial exteriors and understands the ins and outs of painting in this unique New England climate.

Want to learn more about how our team prepares to paint tilt-up concrete? Keep reading to understand our process, as well as why Kaloutas is the company you want to call.

What to Know About Preparing a Surface with Industrial Painting

Quality Industrial Painting Requires Proper Surface Prep

Preparing concrete for paint and coating is a very different process than painting wood, metal, or drywall because of the changing moisture levels. Unlike other surfaces, concrete breathes, and the moisture content of the material fluctuates with temperature and time. Sometimes a bond breaker is needed to ensure proper application. When it comes to preparing for a large, tilt-up concrete project, the professional painters at Kaloutas factor in the unique needs of the building, which include the thickness of the slab, the moisture content, and the texture of the building, to ensure a stunning end result.

We clean the surface of your structure with our commercial pressure washer that has a strength of 5,000 psi, more than double the strength of most pressure washers. This leaves you with a clean surface, able to accept the new coating much better than dirty surfaces. Before we start painting, we ensure that the surface is entirely dry and run several moisture checks to ensure that the structure is ready to paint.

Weather Matters In Exterior Building Painting

All the preparation and planning in the world is meaningless if your industrial paint product is applied in weather that is not conducive for drying and curing. Tilt-up concrete projects are delicate and have to be done when the temperature is right and the moisture content in the air won’t hinder the paint application. Painting contractors who ignore these factors will leave with you with a disappointing paint job that won’t protect your investment or hold up to the harsh New England weather.

Selecting the Right Exterior Painting Contractors

Intricate paint jobs call for experienced painting contractors, and your average pickup truck painter isn’t qualified to paint tilt-up concrete. You need professional painting contractors who have experience with both tilt-up concrete and working on large-scale projects on a deadline. The Kaloutas team checks all these boxes and more, which is why our clients refuse to work with other industrial painting companies.

Kaloutas Can Meet All Your Industrial Painting Needs

No matter the scale of your industrial or commercial painting project, the Kaloutas team is ready to work for you. We have five locations across the Eastern Seaboard and work with companies in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and the greater Boston Area. Let’s work together! Give us a call at 978-532-1414 or click here to contact our painting contractors online.

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