Solutions-Based Commercial Painting for a Beautiful Boston Building

Posted on Friday, July 21, 2017

One of the benefits of being a Boston area commercial and industrial painting company is that we have had the privilege of enhancing many of the beautiful older buildings in our neighborhood. There’s a little history on every corner, and that’s just part of the classic charm of this city (well, that and a few fantastic sports teams).

Working in historic and older buildings comes with its own set of challenges, too. We often are met with outdated materials, decay, damage, past repairs/products that need to be corrected, and other question marks that call for experienced, expert management.

Extensive Commercial Painting

We covered a lot of ground during this project, and a lot of surfaces too.

Specifically, our work involved the following:

Going Above and Beyond During the Color Selection Process

Choosing colors can be tough, especially when the choices you make represent a large commitment throughout a commercial facility.

In this case, our client was having trouble choosing a color for the exterior pre-cast stone. Since there is just no substitute for seeing the “real thing” when it comes to color selection, we painted 12 different samples for them to see in place and in natural lighting. This helped narrow the field, and we got to work applying their favorite option.

Removing Carbon Deposits Before Painting the Exterior Cornice

Do you remember those curveballs we mentioned that older buildings occasionally throw our way? We encountered a perfect example of this when our foreman inspected the cornice running around the upper, exterior edge of the building (40 feet above the ground).

Our experienced, skilled foreman identified what appeared to be heavy carbon deposits on the cornice, and knew that they would bleed through the acrylic elastomeric coating (black deposits become visible within 6 months). Our Sika rep (a leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials) confirmed the deposits and recommended removal.

While most painters would have painted over them, we agreed on the revised course of action and the deposits were removed to ensure ideal application.

The removal of these carbon deposits put the 304 Stuart Street project behind schedule, with a tight deadline still in place. The job may have required more time to complete correctly, but that’s how we operate: no shortcuts. We specialize in finding creative solutions to keep our commitments, ensure the work is done properly, and achieve our clients’ objectives.

The Kaloutas management team drew from our large roster of painters, increasing the job’s manpower to meet the agreed upon deadline.

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