Tapping Into a Full Keg of Brewery Painting and Flooring Services

Posted on Friday, October 27, 2017

In recent years, the pleasure of beer has been elevated to new heights as artistic, driven brewers are applying both science and creativity to their epic custom creations. The ingredients are nearly endless, just like the potential behind each combination.

Because of this powerful following, breweries have become destinations rather than just production facilities. And, of course, for a destination to be truly spectacular and welcoming, it requires intensive planning, design, and surfaces that are just as functional as they are appealing. Here at Kaloutas, we have enjoyed partnering with numerous local breweries, tailoring our painting and flooring services to their very unique needs.

Most recently, we had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Treehouse Brewing Company as they opened their stunning new location in Charlton, MA.

Diverse Flooring Services for a New Massachusetts Brewery

The founders of Treehouse Brewing Company selected us to handle their painting and flooring needs primarily because of the scope of the services we offer.

Projects on a scale like this involve the collaboration of many professionals - our large team, flexibility, and diverse services help to simplify the process by keeping the work in-house. Taking this convenience a step further, we can provide a single point of contact as well, streamlining communication while maximizing efficiency.

We’d like to take you on a tour first of our flooring services, completed by our Industrial Flooring division. In our next article we’ll show you the painting components of the project.

And, be sure to click through our slideshow above! If you live here in the Greater Boston area, we also suggest scheduling a visit soon to check it out in person.

Polished Concrete - Bringing Practicality and Style Together

As we mentioned above, this is not just a facility but a destination.

We polished the concrete throughout the mezzanine and customer reception area to an 800 grit finish, creating a surface that is classy, welcoming, and offers the needed “wow factor” for those first entering the building.

On a practical note, polished concrete offers several distinct benefits:

  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • By treating the surface with a silicate based concrete densifier, you can enjoy a long-lasting shine without any type of coating
  • Quick turnaround time (since no coatings are involved)

Brewery Flooring Services

Our flooring work throughout the rest of the facility included the following:

  • Installed Euclid clear sealer to the raw concrete in all storage and non-brewing/canning areas of the warehouse.
  • We saw-cut and filled all of the joints in the facility using Metzger McGuire RS-88, creating a more sanitary environment and protecting the joints from future spalling of the concrete edges.
  • Installed Duraflex MDB Urethane Cement at all brewing and canning areas. Urethane cement is a high-performance flooring solution that is ideally suited for the demands of this type of environment. Not only does it exhibit excellent resistance to the chemistry of a brewhouse, but also can withstand impact and wear, constant cycles of hot and cold washing, and provides invaluable moisture control as well. As an added benefit, it looks fantastic, creating the perfect blend of performance and aesthetic value that Treehouse Brewing needs.
  • Repitched the poured floor in the brewing and canning areas to achieve the proper pitch to the central drains (more on this below!).
  • Installed an integral cove base throughout the brewhouse, and berms to contain any overflow. The cove base (a gentle curve where the floor meets the wall) and berms offer both ease of cleaning and spill containment.   

Correcting the Pitch in a Concrete Floor

Achieving a correctly pitched floor was an essential component of our work.

Not only did we need to remove a potential tripping hazard, but we also wanted to make sure that all of the  liquid that reaches  the floor in the brewing and canning areas will flow to the central drains.

We worked closely with our friends on the Dur-A-Flex team, repitching the concrete to ensure that the floor met Treehouse Brewery’s needs.

We Passed the Golf Ball Test!

The brewery team demonstrated the effectiveness of the pitch by performing the “golf ball test”: letting the ball roll across the floor toward the drains, imitating the flow of liquids released from the tanks. The floor passed with flying colors!

Can Your Commercial Painter Provide Total Scheduling Flexibility?

Flexibility, adjusting to changes made to the project scope, maintaining a rapid pace, and close coordination with other trades at work were just a few elements of the process.

As we touched on above, this project also utilized nearly all of our painting and flooring services. It was a pleasure to play such a large role in the creation of this incredible brewery, partnering with so many talented professionals along the way.

And yes, the beer is amazing.

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