Sponge Blasting Rusted and Delaminated Metal in Marlboro, MA

Posted on Friday, January 23, 2015

When it comes to refinishing your metal surfaces, or really any interior or exterior painting and restoration project, you probably have three major goals: you want the work to be done quickly, in a high-quality fashion, and with as little mess as possible.

Well, those are our goals too!

To show you what we mean, join us for a quick walk-through of a project we finished recently for Dow Chemical that involved abrasive blasting and a fresh coating for severely rusted and delaminated metal. 

What Is Sponge Blasting?

No, this process doesn’t involve taking out any frustration on sponges. What it does involve, however, is a specialized process that transforms your tattered, worn surfaces into good, clean metal that is ready for a fresh coating. And, it not only does this effectively but it also does it in a way that contains the dust, making it ideal for interior work where you need to have as little impact on the working environment as possible.

How Does Sponge Blasting Work?

Essentially, it is exactly what it sounds like, only with a special ingredient tucked away inside. Particles of sponge are blasted at the metal surface, but included within those particles are bonded abrasives. The sponge expands when it collides with the surface, allowing the internal abrasive to connect, but when the sponge bounces back it actually creates a level of suction that essentially vacuums the dust it created right out of the air.

It’s a simple but highly effective method. 

Stripping the Metal and Applying an Industrial Acrylic Coating

With the metal fully prepared, we applied Sherwin Williams’ dryfall and and multi-surface acrylic coatings. This not only plays a valuable role from a protection standpoint, but it looks great as well. As we completed the project we also worked closely with Environmental Health and Safety officers to ensure that the noise levels were appropriate, keeping both our crew and Dow’s employees comfortable and safe. 

Can We Help?

If the damaged metal in the “before” photos looks a little familiar, or maybe you have tired interior or exterior paint, why not reach out to us at Kaloutas? It would be our pleasure to put our industrial and commercial services to work for you, as we have for many businesses throughout New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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