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Troubleshooting: What Happens if There is a Problem with Your Paint Job?

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Troubleshooting: What Happens if There is a Problem with Your Paint Job?

A proper paint job makes interior and exterior spaces look nicer while also protecting them from environmental harm. That said; nothing lasts forever. Over time, even the best paint applications may fade, chip, or delaminate; especially in highly active commercial and industrial facilities. Peeling paint is not just a problem in and of itself; it can also lead to further problems that may damage your facility. So, if you are encountering problems with your current paint job, what can you do about it?

What to Do About Problems with Your Paint Job

What are Some Common Problems with Paint?

If you are in charge of an industrial facility, your paint problems might be due to one of several factors. Most commonly, the culprits are moisture intrusion, impact, high pH content, and inadequate surface preparation. These factors can result in chalky, fading paint; staining; bubbling underneath the surface; or even mold growth.

Industrial floor coatings protect the top layers from damage, but the base layer can be exposed to all the moisture, temperature fluctuations, and shifting of the earth beneath it. Eventually, this vapor transmission can lead to some of the unsavory outcomes mentioned above.  Vapor transmission is remediated through the use of moisture mitigation primers, breathable epoxy or urethane cement systems.

Other parts of your facility are not off the hook, however. Your painted walls, ceilings, and equipment can all experience problems from an old or improper paint job. If your facility includes industrial equipment such as tanks, this failing paint can lead to serious safety hazards, such as leaking chemicals and fluids, or corrosion. Fortunately, the professional painters at Kaloutas can help restore these features so they are safe for use and look as good as new.

Solutions for Preventing Paint Problems

Preventative maintenance begins with careful preparation when applying a new coating to your floors, walls, or equipment. First, you must check the surfaces themselves for damage, always going deeper than just the top layer. This means, for instance, checking your floors for damage which could require several different types of repairs. Knowing what lies at the root of the problem will allow you to make necessary repairs before resinous industrial systems are applied.

As for the painting process itself, you also have to make sure the coating you choose is right for the surface you will be painting. Ask yourself whether you are painting on metal, concrete, plastic, wood, etc. Different materials will require different types of paint and different methods for protecting them. Marrying the right industrial painting product with the proper surface will cut down on your future paint problems.

Getting the Right Help

Your main concern is running your business efficiently and keeping your employees and customers safe. You cannot be expected to know all of the intricacies involved in commercial painting, and how it can go wrong. That is what the professionals at Kaloutas are here for. Our team can identify key points of concern in your facility’s paint and suggest several ways we can fix the problem. Whether you need a reliable team for regular maintenance painting, or a contractor for all your serious repairs and paint jobs, contact us and give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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