Warehouse Rust Removal and Painting in Seabrook, NH

Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014

One of the major problems with rust is that once a little bit begins to appear, a large-scale problem can be on your hands in a very short time. Rust seems to be gifted in the area of rapid expansion. The trick is to first do all you can to prevent it, but once it does appear, quickly do what it takes to remove and repair the damaged metal.

We recently were asked to take on a massive rust repair project in Seabrook, specifically involving structural beams in a warehouse. Rust is always a problem, but it can quickly become a major safety issue when it compromises the health of a structural component.

Restoring Structural Beams to Their Former Glory

For the beams we used Sherwin Williams Metalastic DTM (Direct to Metal). In addition, we painted the ceiling using a flat, dryfall paint. This great product is easy to work with because any excess paint used in the application process dries instantly, harmlessly falling to the floor in the form of dust. We then remove it, making for a fast, clean painting process.

To finish things off, the walls were painted with Promar 200 Egg-Shell. The result was exactly what the customer was hoping for: a rust-free, attractive warehouse that was ready for action!

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