We Are Kaloutas!

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

We Are Kaloutas!

Change is good. In fact, change is often necessary. And if we know anything here at Kaloutas, it’s how to adapt when the time is right. This is why you might notice that we have dropped the “Painting” part of our moniker. We have simplified our name from Kaloutas to Kaloutas not because we no longer offer commercial painting (we certainly do), but rather because our service offerings, level of expertise, and flexibility go far beyond the realm of painting alone. We want the Kaloutas name to accurately reflect all that we offer under one roof.

What's In a Name?

So, what does “Kaloutas” mean to us and our customers? To illustrate our ethos, it might help to first outline an example of what we do for one of our many clients. This client is a worldwide manufacturing company with a million-square-foot facility, tight deadlines, and several needs that require strict compliance. Our team is tasked with providing four trades for this company: containment, cleaning, painting, and flooring. More specifically, we wash their ceilings, paint their ceilings, prepare their old floors, install new floors, and all the while contain the work area in question in order to minimize distractions and, more importantly, prevent the spread of debris throughout. After all, the facility must continue to operate while we get the job done.

The reason companies like the one mentioned above come to Kaloutas for this work is simple: we provide the services they need under a single umbrella. Rather than hiring separate contractors for space containment, industrial flooring, cleaning, fireproofing, painting, caulking, etc., businesses reach out to us for all of the above, understanding that we offer not only quality workmanship in each of these trades, but also increased value, as customers save in both hard and soft costs by only working with us.

Kaloutas Stands for Quality, Convenience, Customer-Service, and Knowledge

Sure, there are other full-service facility maintenance contractors out there. We don’t pretend that we’re the only option available -- we simply promise to operate the way you operate. And we can back up this claim. Consider whether or not other contractors can meet these Kaloutas standards:

  • We are able to meet U.S. Citizen employee requirements

  • We have a documented safety program that meets government and industry standards

  • Our foremen are equipped with the interpersonal skills necessary to deal with difficult on-the-job scenarios (noise, obstacles, scheduling conflicts, etc.)

  • Our teams quickly become (or already are) well-versed in various industry and company standards, regulations, and compliance measures

These considerations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working with a multiple-service contractor. Kaloutas goes above and beyond the typical expectations of similar companies by also acting as a reliable source of knowledge and referrals for vendors and other contractors. This gives businesses peace of mind when it comes to seeking clarification, asking questions regarding complex repairs and renovations, discovering new partners for in-house or one-time service provision, and more. In other words, we are there for not only the physical heavy-lifting, but also the prerequisite coordination, planning, delegating, and so on.

It Starts with Our Culture

None of the above distinctions would be possible without the hard work, knowledge, and adaptability of our people. At Kaloutas, we empower our employees, letting them make tough decisions in the field, try new things, and to adapt accordingly. The trust we establish with our own people translates to the trust our customers have in Kaloutas. By investing in the growth and success of our employees, we and our clients continue to thrive as well. Once again, change is inevitable, so having a team of bold and highly flexible employees is crucial for delivering the quality and customer service we are known for.

Let us Reintroduce Ourselves

We are Kaloutas. We are a commercial and industrial cleaning, flooring, maintenance, painting, industrial sealing, and containment service provider and coordinator that has served businesses all across New England for over thirty years and counting. More importantly, we are a value-adding, long-term, go-to partner for so many companies of all sizes and industries. If this is your first time meeting us, we can’t wait to establish a fruitful relationship with you, whatever your needs. If you already know us (previously as Kaloutas), know this: We are still who you have come to know as a superior brand for your commercial and industrial needs  -- we just want our name to reflect all the services we offer.

To learn more about Kaloutas and all that we do, contact us online or give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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