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Why Is Professional Warehouse Painting Such a Bright Idea?

Posted on Friday, May 12, 2017

Have you ever painted a room in your home just for the sake of “brightening the space up”? It’s a common expression in the interior painting world, primarily because of the power well-chosen paint has to make the very most of available light.

The same principle is true for interior commercial and industrial painting. Paint isn’t chosen to just look good, but to accomplish several key tasks:

  • Protect surfaces from damage and decay
  • Simplify cleaning and maintenance
  • Extend the lifespan of your investments
  • Increase safety and efficiency through the use of safety paint, markings, and line striping

And, of course, to keep the workspace as bright as possible, increasing energy efficiency and visibility. It doesn’t get much more practical than that!

Warehouse Painting in Chesterton, MA, That Called for Specialized Containment Techniques

When this client in Chesterton approached us, we were called to a warehouse that had not been painted in a long, long time. The decidedly dark environment was more than ready for fresh, bright paint.

We painted the fully-operational facility, adapting to their scheduling needs and timelines to make sure the work was completed without causing any interruptions.

How did we do this?

  • Experience! - This kind of flexibility is routine for us, and possible thanks to our experienced, sizeable team.
  • Containment - Containment strategy is another specialty of ours. In this case we had to carefully cover machinery and products with plastic before we got to work.
  • Overnight Work - Most of the painting process was completed overnight.
  • Total Cleanup - Before the facility’s doors opened in the morning, we had to ensure that our work was not only done, but also that we had completely cleaned up.
  • Communication - This is always an essential part of a highly-collaborative, coordinated effort.

Our product of choice here was Sherwin-Williams latex dryfall. It’s a quality paint, and it also is easy to contain - perfect for this application.

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