Why Kaloutas Is Trusted and Qualified to Implement Specialty Products Like Stranlok

Posted on Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Why Kaloutas Is Trusted and Qualified to Implement Specialty Products Like Stranlok

Highly-specialized facilities often require highly-specialized products to streamline their operations, ensure the health and safety of all personnel, and improve the business’ bottom line. At Kaloutas, our teams are not only experienced enough to tackle any maintenance or improvement project -- we also have exclusive rights to unique products that give our clients peace of mind and a competitive edge. Stranlok is one such product that serves as an example of why we’re trusted and qualified to implement speciality products, and how these credentials benefit our customers.

What to Know About Stranlok

What Is Stranlok?

Manufactured by Tnemec, Stranlok is a high-performance solid epoxy wall coating that is reinforced by fiberglass, solvent-free, resistant to impact, acids, alkalis, mold, bacteria, and virtually odorless. Kaloutas has implemented this durable low-VOC paint in a variety of facilities, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, food and beverage plants, commercial kitchens, and more. Stranlok sets itself apart from other 100% solid epoxy coatings with its accelerated cure times and installation process, significantly reducing the client’s downtime. Not only that -- Stranlok’s remarkable durability allows it to withstand numerous industrial cleaning solutions and processes (i.e. high-pressure steam cleaning). In short, Stranlok provides superior wall protection for highly-sensitive facilities. This means even with the most abrasive cleaners, the heaviest equipment, and the most physical abuse a facility takes, Stranlok will protect your building, saving you money from costly repairs in the future.

Why Are We Qualified to Use Products Like Stranlok?

Because products like Stranlok are so specialized, their installation requires a certain level of experience. Kaloutas is trusted by our partners and clients to apply Stranlok and other unique products precisely because we have the required knowledge, experience, and track record to do so. We have been installing Stranlok systems for over a decade, which has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of this product in particular and provide the best training possible to our teams. 

Of course, our proficiency with Stranlok is representative of our qualifications as a whole. We approach each project and product with the same level of care and competency, whether we’re providing industrial painting, flooring, cleaning, or other key services. If we’re using a new product for the first time or it’s been a while since we’ve installed a particular product, we work directly with the manufacturer and/or representative firm to ensure that we provide the best quality of service possible. This commitment to getting it right has granted us an extra level of knowledge to perform various tasks in-house that other contractors simply cannot. Not only does this mean you will have the best products, equipment, and knowledge for your facility, you will also have the luxury of using the same contractor to multiple projects at our standard. This saves you from doing the runaround of searching for multiple contractors who likely won’t offer our quality on your schedule.

How Our Expertise with Special Products Like Stranlok Can Solve Your Problems

So what does all of this mean for you and your business? Kaloutas’ extensive knowledge of multiple trades and experience with products like Stranlok allows us to work the way you do -- the more we’re able to do for a client, the better job we can do adapting to customer needs. For instance, the Stranlok system is a 4-6 coat process, which typically takes about a week to completely install. In many cases, a project of this scope and duration may force a facility to partially shut down. While some interference cannot be avoided, we’re able to minimize a business’ downtime through our efficient processes and strategic planning. 

Because Kaloutas is a full-service contractor, we can package the deal for a facility, so to speak. In other words, we simplify maintenance and improvement projects by providing all key services under a single provider and warranty. So, rather than concern yourself with contractor onboarding of an epoxy flooring specialist alongside a commercial painting service, you can simply deal with Kaloutas -- we handle it all. Working with an all-in-one contractor this way saves you time and money and greatly reduces downtime.

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