The Benefits of Going With One Contractor For Multiple Projects

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Benefits of Going With One Contractor For Multiple Projects

Industrial facility maintenance encompasses a variety of skills and specialties, such as painting, containment, cleaning, fireproofing, flooring, and much more. Such a laundry list of trades might suggest the need to hire multiple contractors to meet all of a facility’s needs. Hiring a single capable contractor is ideal. Here are the key benefits of going with one contractor for multiple projects.

Why You Should Use One Contractor for All of Your Projects

Programs Rather Than Projects

It’s important for facility managers to shift their frame of mind from a project-centric model to a program-centric model. The project mindset involves hiring multiple vendors for individual tasks when the time arises. This approach comes with several drawbacks and hurdles -- for one thing, the vendor in question likely won’t be familiar with your facility, and won’t be invested in establishing a relationship that would develop that familiarity. Additionally, it takes a significant amount of time to onboard new contractors. And when you hire multiple contractors for different projects, there may be misalignments in standards and expectations. In other words, this approach creates a  “too many cooks in the kitchen” sort of situation that can lead to confusion, frustration, coupled with wasted time and resources.

The program mindset, on the other hand, focuses on creating a systematic approach to facility maintenance and operations, and is made possible by hiring one contractor to oversee various projects. Having a program allows facility managers to structure their pricing, communication, and workflow details, establish schedules, prioritize tasks, document standards, expectations, and safety measures, set review agendas, and more.

One Point of Contact

Most of us can agree that the less paperwork there is, the better. Of course, when you work with several contractors for multiple projects, you might as well be swimming in a sea of documents, folders, bills, and contracts. By hiring a single contractor, you have one point of contact for scheduling, billing, remediation, etc., reducing the amount of paperwork required and streamlining all processes. Having this one point of contact also allows you to build a trusting relationship that’s mutually beneficial. For instance, rather than having to question if your various contractors can each comply with OSHA regulations and GMP standards, you can rest assured that your single contractor has these bases covered from the outset. Additionally, the longer you work with a single contractor, the more they get to know your business, facility, and precisely how you operate, which greatly reduces interference.

Saving Precious Time and Energy

Going with one contractor as opposed to several is a major time-saver. In fact, developing a program with one reliable contractor can save you up to 30% of your time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business. A major chunk of this time-saving is achieved by simplifying and ultimately eliminating the contractor onboarding process -- once you have your partner, you don’t have to spend hours and hours worrying about bringing on new vendors, getting them up to speed, going over your vendor safety checklist, and so on. Again, this is about building a relationship and establishing a program rather than a project.

One of the challenges businesses face when searching for that single contractor is that very few of them can offer the breadth of services required to tackle these various projects. It’s no wonder that Kaloutas stands apart from the competition. We have become the go-to contractor for many industrial facilities precisely because we have the necessary staff, resources, skills, compliance measures, and experience to perform all the duties required to keep facilities functional and looking their best, as well as the outreach to refer clients to other trusted vendors who can also offer quality services.

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