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Why Should You Consider a Troweled Epoxy Floor System for Your Facility?

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

https://www.kaloutas.com/commercial-painting/exterior-paintingThe administrators of this Holbrook school needed a flooring solution that could accomplish three things: look attractive, be easy to maintain, and be absolutely tough as nails.

After all, nothing in a K-12 school that isn’t durable is going to last very long, right?

One floor system in particular quickly stood out as the best option to meet these critical needs: a troweled epoxy mortar floor with appropriate topcoats.

What Is a Troweled Epoxy Mortar Floor?

This particular system involved two specialized components that came together to create a seamless epoxy coating.

First, we trowel-applied a 100% solids epoxy resin and sand aggregate (for traction), manufactured by DUR-A-FLEX. For the protective urethane topcoat, we applied ARMOR TOP.

Before we get any further, let’s take a look at a few of the key attributes of these phenomenal products:

  • Low-Odor - Maintaining a healthy, safe environment is a priority
  • Abrasion Resistance - This benefit speaks for itself, especially for a busy school building
  • Stain Resistant - Spills, drips, leaks... The floor is forgiving and easy to keep clean
  • Durability - Troweled epoxy is the most durable of all fluid-applied resinous floors

How Is a Trowel-Applied Epoxy Floor System Installed?

Like any quality commercial project, whether painting or flooring, it all starts with the right prep:

  • First, we thoroughly cleaned the surface
  • We then shot-blasted the floor to create the proper receptive profile
  • Primed with an epoxy primer
  • Applied the troweled epoxy mortar and topcoats
  • We protected our work with Ram Board, a floor covering that allows a system to cure and be ventilated while also preserving the surface
  • Close coordination with other trades at work in the space
  • A total cleanup of our worksite at the end of each day

We also applied an integral, seamless, epoxy cove base. This gentle curve where floor meets wall contributes to the easy maintenance of the surface. Sharp corners collect debris and are hard to clean, becoming more and more unsanitary as time goes on.

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