Top 5 Facility Maintenance Issues in New England

New England is one of America’s most beautiful regions, popular with tourists and locals alike. However, when it comes to maintaining New England commercial properties, the weather and salty sea air presents a unique set of challenges. But, lucky for the business owners across the Eastern Seaboard, Kaloutas has more than 30 years’ experience painting and maintaining facilities in New England.  


Read on to learn more about the top 5 most common facility maintenance issues in New England.

Facility Maintenance Issues in New England


The salty New England weather is a breeding ground for rust, and when left untreated, this ugly issue will eat away at your essential metal structures. Kaloutas has the team you need to stop rust using rust remediation and fresh protective coatings.


Concrete Damage

Your concrete flooring and substrate are literally the foundation of your business. If you’re seeing cracking, pinholing, or bubbling on the surface, it means damage down below. Kaloutas's industrial flooring division can help you with concrete repair and moisture mitigation as well as concrete epoxy coatings that fit your brand.


Dirt & Mildew

Dirty surfaces are not only unsightly, they’re often eating away at your surfaces. Our commercial cleaning services can remove grime and repaint your surfaces if needed, leaving you with like-new exterior curb appeal.


Failed Coatings

Chipped paint and cracked coatings aren’t only ugly, they’re gateways for damage to the surfaces beneath. If you’re seeing these issues, don’t delay. The sooner you repair and recoat with commercial painting services, the better for your facility.


Damaged Flooring

Any time you see failure in your flooring, the damage is already spreading. Addressing your cracked or peeling concrete coatings means addressing the issues and stopping concrete repair problems before they take hold.


Check Out How Kaloutas Tackles These Facility Maintenance Woes

Commercial Pressure Washer Services in Natick, MA
The exterior of this Massachusetts facility left a lot to be desired – it was covered with dirt and mildew. Our team cleaned the exterior, treated it with bleach, and the refreshed it with new, on-brand commercial painting services.


Office Space Renovation & Concrete Repair
Check out this office space renovation we recently completed in Andover, MA. We painted the interior surfaces and repaired the concrete, resulting in a beautiful new workspace.

Let’s Talk About Facility Maintenance

No matter which of these 4 facility maintenance issues you’re struggling with, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 978-532-1414 with your questions or click here to request an estimate with this easy-to-use online form.

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