Project Containment and What That Means for Your Pharmaceutical Facility

As you well know, the pharmaceutical industry is an extremely delicate and specialized process. Maintaining the purity and integrity of your products is your top priority, so when it comes time to repair and refresh your facility, containment is of the utmost importance. The Kaloutas team uses expert containment strategies, which means that the dust and chemicals used in our facility maintenance work won’t interact with your work processes and products. Here at Kaloutas, we specialize in project containment, and take the time to put up barriers and protection strategies to ensure our work only enhances yours.


Read on to learn more about how the Kaloutas team can work alongside your team, all while alleviating your containment worries and protecting your output.


Expert Containment for Your Pharmaceutical Facility

We understand the importance of keeping your products pure and your standards high, and we have a firm grasp of the ins and outs of good manufacturing practices for pharmaceuticals. This is why before we pick up a diamond grinder or paint sprayer, we put up fire-retardant, asbestos-grade barriers to ensure our work doesn’t mess with yours. We move these plastic “walls” as our work progresses throughout your facility so that every step of the way, your products and delicate systems are protected.


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Paint As High Tech as Your Products

When it comes time to recoat and reimagine the surfaces in your pharmaceutical facility, Kaloutas and our in-house flooring company have the products you need. We can install top of the line, high tech industrial paint and flooring to protect your team and simplify your maintenance and cleaning.


Why GMP Compliance is a Must for Your Pharmaceutical Facility

We understand the need to adhere to strict standards of excellence in order to best serve your clients, which is why GMP compliance is so important. Our team can help you achieve and maintain these high standards with expert facility maintenance services, industrial cleaning and more.


How Can We Repair or Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Facility?

Our team is obsessed with safety and with helping you achieve and maintain the high standards for GMP pharmaceuticals. We serve clients across the Eastern Seaboard with locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Our 80-person crew can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your project, and we can work during scheduled shutdowns to minimize facility closure. To learn more about working with Kaloutas, give us a call at 978-532-1414 or click here to contact Kaloutas online.


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