Which Industrial Paint is Right for Your Pharmaceutical Facility?

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the few that are leading the way in technology. When you think of high tech products, you probably don’t think about paint. However, as electronic technology has increased over the past decades, so has painting technology. Commercial and industrial paints have evolved, leading to more effective coatings and easier, cleaner application processes. This is good news for your pharmaceutical company, as it leaves you with more choices and less containment headaches. However, if you don’t understand your paint choices, making the best decision can be a little confusing.

This page is designed to help you learn more about a few of the industrial paint options available for your facility. Read on to see how the painting contractors at Kaloutas can enhance your pharmaceutical space with perfectly selected industrial coatings.


The Best Paint Options for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Electrostatic Painting

One of the latest techniques we use is called electrostatic painting, a process in which paint particles are atomized to ensure clean and even adhesion to metal surfaces. This option is ideal for railings, beams, and equipment as it can reach narrow areas with efficiency and ease.


Low-VOC Paint

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are released into the air as paint dries, creating that new paint smell. If your facility demands a virtually odor-free painting process, low VOC paint is the eco-friendly paint choice for your project.


Fireproof (Intumescent) Coatings

Protecting the structure and integrity of your facility with fireproof coatings can save lives. These fire-retardant coatings change state under extreme heat, puffing and foaming to create a barrier between the fire and the structure of your facility.


Coatings For Rust Prevention

The salty sea air of New England is a breeding ground for rust and corrosion. The commercial painting pros at Kaloutas can not only help you stop rust, but apply preventative coatings to ensure it doesn’t return.


Environmental Coatings

Here at Kaloutas we care about our environment, both here in New England and globally. We offer eco-friendly paint and coatings in all areas of service, from industrial flooring to exterior paint. If using sustainable, natural products is important to your brand, Kaloutas can accommodate across the board.


How Can Our Team Help Yours?

The industrial painting contractors at Kaloutas serve industrial clients across the Eastern Seaboard including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the Greater Boston Area. Our team’s passion is to assist facility managers and business owners through ongoing facility maintenance services. Give us a call at 972-534-1414 or click here to learn more about what our company can do for yours.

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