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Machinery and Line Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services don’t stop at the facility’s walls and floors. In order to establish a clean and functional environment that is safe for your staff and all those who enter your facility, you must also implement proper industrial machinery cleaning services.

At Kaloutas, we know exactly what your industrial plant, warehouse, and facility maintenance needs are and how to establish a cleaner, more productive workplace.

What Is Machinery and Line Cleaning?

Establishing a cleaning schedule for your machinery and lines isn’t just about being more hygenic. Being proactive about your industrial cleaning maintenance plans ensures:

  • Equipment reaches its full lifespan saving you money on replacements and breakdowns.

  • Equipment will be more effective and efficient, saving you time and labor.

  • Equipment is safer and up-to-code, saving you from employee liability issues or fines.

Hazards like dirt, grime, sand, and other foreign object debris (F.O.D.) found on industrial floors, wear away at equipment daily. When you don’t allow these components to sit on your lines and equipment by establishing a machinery and line cleaning plan, they don’t have time to corrode the machinery, which results in more effective and sustainable assets, even as they age. 

If the machine or line is dirty, it can even hide looming issues that will eventually surface and cause larger catastrophes, such as major equipment malfunctions or employee injury. The professionals at Kaloutas have the experience and knowledge to see where the issues are and mitigate them before your facility experiences extensive downtime due to equipment breakdowns or code violations. 

Protection Against Foreign Object Debris

As a property manager or business owner, it’s also your responsibility to ensure your facility is up-to-code. One way you can do this is to stay up to date on machinery and line cleaning to ensure the safety of equipment and how your people are affected by it. Dirty machinery can cause injury to your people, enhancing your labor costs and hurting your company morale. 

By keeping an eye on your facility’s F.O.D., you are mitigating hazards from:

  • Loose hardware

  • Tools and metal items

  • Loose parts

  • Rocks and dust

  • ...and more. 

All of these hazards can lead to poor quality of services and even employee injury or death. 

How Machinery and Line Cleaning Protects Your Bottom Line

When you clean machinery, replace filters, keep dust from collecting, and more, machines are actually more effective than the same machine that is covered in debris and hazardous materials. This can cause downtime and mishaps on the warehouse floor, costing you valuable time and productivity. 

Clean machines are better armed against corrosion. If your equipment is worn away from corrosion, it is literally decaying, becoming weaker and less reliable. Eventually, the machinery or line will fail and no longer work properly. This results in lost revenue due to facility shutdowns and equipment repairs that could have been avoided with proper facility maintenance

Kaloutas has the most updated equipment to clean and replace existing components, and we know exactly what your machinery and line cleaning needs are. 

Let’s Work Together!

Ready to create a customized industrial machinery and line cleaning plan for your New England facility? Kaloutas is proud to serve facilities and properties throughout the New England region. If you want to get to know us or inquire about our industrial cleaning services, contact us and give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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