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Floor Pitching and Sloping - Self-Leveling Underlayment

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Floor Pitching and Sloping - Self-Leveling Underlayment

If your industrial flooring damage includes moisture intrusion, water damage in and around floor drains, or mildew and mold damage, these problems could be caused by  drainage issues. 

Drainage problems in industrial facilities often occur when the floor is not sloped to the necessary degree for proper, unobstructed drainage.

What to Know About Floor Pitching and Sloping

Benefits of Floor Pitching and Sloping

Floor pitching and sloping is a great investment in the health and safety of your warehouse, food processing facility, or industrial site. 

It increases drainage efficiency, helps you pass inspections, and maintains proper cleanliness, health, and safety throughout your facility.

Using Self-Leveling Underlayment

Self-leveling underlayment flattens and smooths interior surfaces before coating and covering your flooring surface. It can be used on a variety of flooring surfaces, although different types may be better suited to different applications.

Repitching the concrete to create the correct slope and applying self-leveling underlayment is an involved process that requires high-precision techniques and an in-depth knowledge of coatings and coverings.  

Done incorrectly, you run the risk of inflating the cost of your industrial flooring with additional cycles of removal and repair while delaying the solutions you need. Working with an experienced crew is imperative.

Trusted Floor Pitching and Sloping Across Industries

Kaloutas is trusted by leading industrial sites across New England for effective, expert flooring installation and application, including floor pitching and sloping. We can assess the source and cause of your drainage issues, determine the correct sloping for your floor to improve drainage, and apply the necessary underlayment and coatings.

And we’re not a “one and done” flooring contractor. Our comprehensive approach to proactive, preventative facility maintenance means we can work with you year-round to ensure that your flooring, industrial cleaning, and industrial painting needs are met, You stay compliant, your teams stay productive, and your customers stay happy.

We get it done with a no work stoppage guarantee, so you can keep things running smoothly and working properly throughout your facility without harming productivity.

Don’t let drainage problems ruin your floor. Call Kaloutas for a floor pitching estimate today.

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