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Follow These Steps if Your Concrete Floor Is Cracking

Cracked concrete industrial floor Follow These Steps if Your Concrete Floor Is Cracking

Over time, your con­crete indus­tri­al floor­ing is bound to frac­ture to some degree. Just think about the var­i­ous forces your floors endure on a dai­ly basis. That said, you won’t do your­self or your floors any favors by sim­ply leav­ing these cracks alone. Even minor cracks open the door to larg­er foun­da­tion­al issues, which can result in safe­ty haz­ards and expen­sive repairs down the road. So, if your con­crete floor is crack­ing, don’t wait to act. Instead, fol­low these steps.

How to Fix Cracks in Con­crete Floors

1. Assess the Depth and Sever­i­ty of Cracking

The way in which you respond to a cracked floor should depend on just how big and bad the cracks are in the first place. Small, sur­face-lev­el frac­tures, though they deserve your atten­tion, do not war­rant as big a response as large, deep cracks. The less severe a crack is, the eas­i­er it is to fill and repair, which we will go over short­ly. Severe cracks, on the oth­er hand, may indi­cate a cause or symp­tom of a deep­er prob­lem, so your approach must be more holistic.

2. Iden­ti­fy the Under­ly­ing Issue

Indeed, if your floors fea­ture sev­er­al large cracks, you’ll want to get down the root of the prob­lem. The main fac­tors that lead to major frac­tures include pres­sure, impact, ther­mal shock (the sud­den changes of extreme tem­per­a­tures), fail­ing expan­sion joints (or lack there­of), mois­ture intru­sion, or some com­bi­na­tion of these. By iden­ti­fy­ing the under­ly­ing prob­lem, you can make the right moves that will pre­vent your floors from crack­ing in the future. For instance, if water vapor from below the floor is cre­at­ing and wors­en­ing cracks, you may need to install a con­crete mois­ture bar­ri­er under­neath. Or, if your facil­i­ty under­goes extreme tem­per­a­tures, you may need to install a ther­mal shock-resis­tant sys­tem.

3. Clean Your Con­crete Floors

After you’ve assessed your floor’s cracks and rec­ti­fied any deep­er issues, it’s time to fix the exist­ing frac­tures. To prop­er­ly do this, though, you need clean floors. All oil, dirt, debris, grease, etc. on the sur­face and inside the cracks them­selves must be removed from the floors in order for the crack-fill­ing com­pound and ensu­ing sealant to prop­er­ly bond and cure.

4. Fill Cracks and Let Cure

Now, the fill­ing process can begin. Dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als can be used for con­crete floor crack repair, such as epoxy, mor­tar mix, ure­thane cement, and more. Epoxy or Polyurea is typ­i­cal­ly used to fill small­er, thin­ner, shal­low­er cracks, while cement and mor­tar fillers are opti­mal for deep­er, larg­er imper­fec­tions. Whichev­er prod­uct is used, it must be ful­ly pressed into the crack via a put­ty knife or trow­el in order to fill it and remove any air bub­bles. The filler should then be smoothed so it is lev­el with the sur­round­ing floor, and then allowed to cure for the instruct­ed amount of time.

5. Prop­er­ly Seal the Floor

Once all cracks have been filled and cur­ing is com­plete, it’s always a good idea to re-seal your con­crete floors to pro­tect them from fur­ther harm (i.e. spills, impact, pres­sure) and stains. 100% solids epoxy is a com­mon option for seal­ing con­crete floors, though ure­thane cement, polyurea coat­ings, and oth­er solu­tions can be used as well.

6. Con­sid­er Oth­er Pro­tec­tive Options for Concrete

Seal­ing your floors with tra­di­tion­al con­crete floor coat­ings isn’t the only way to pro­tect them from future crack­ing, either. For a low-main­te­nance, durable, and beau­ti­ful solu­tion, con­sid­er pol­ished con­crete floors. The con­crete pol­ish­ing process involves grind­ing down the bare con­crete and bond­ing it with a con­crete den­si­fi­er, result­ing in a strong and glossy con­crete surface.

If your floor is crack­ing, you might know that you should do some­thing — but you might not know exact­ly what to do, or why. That’s where the floor­ing experts at Kaloutas come in handy. We access, repair, pre­pare, install, pro­tect, and enhance all kinds of floors. To learn more about us and all that we do, con­tact us online or give us a call at 9785321414 today.

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