How Kaloutas’ Relationship with Green Umbrella Helps You Save Time and Money While Reducing Future I

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

How Kaloutas’ Relationship with Green Umbrella Helps You Save Time and Money While Reducing Future I

As a high-traffic facility or warehouse manager, you know that to play the “make ready” game, you have to offer speed and quality while remaining on budget. One of the most effective ways to ensure your asset is made ready and leasable quickly, is to utilize wet concrete polishing services. These services prepare and polish the floor 10 times faster than conventional polishing methods. 

Finding a certified contractor to keep your floors up-to-code for years to come and stay operational during necessary repairs is key. Kaloutas has worked with Green Umbrella Architectural Systems for years, offering the most sustainable concrete polishing services with their innovative product and process-driven work ethic, helping you win the “make ready” game. 

What to Know About Kaloutas's Partnership with Green Umbrella

Why Kaloutas Is Qualified to Use Products Like Green Umbrella

We work directly with partners like Green Umbrella to ensure we understand exactly how the product works and how to best benefit our clients. Because we are so focused on doing things right the first time, our partners trust us to accurately represent their products. 

We provide services from commercial painting, fireproofing, industrial flooring, containment and caulking among others, making us a one stop shop for a business owner’s needs. This allows us to work with our exclusive products throughout a building while knowing the product and the complexities of your business. With only one call to one contractor, this saves facility managers the headache of doing multiple walk-throughs, multiple onboarding processes, and managing multiple schedules, so you can focus on your bottom line.

What Can the Kaloutas and Green Umbrella Partnership Do for Me?

Unlike typical wet concrete polishing which lasts approximately three years if properly maintained, Green Umbrella’s wet polish can last 7-10 years. When facility managers work with Kaloutas, they see the benefits of fewer repairs and less downtime because of the strong and dependable wet concrete polishing process from Green Umbrella. 

Even the installation of Green Umbrella’s system is more efficient, allowing Kaloutas to tackle other tasks within the facility in a shorter amount of time. It also ensures a stronger, more reliable floor that locks out moisture and other issues that will erode your busy facility flooring if the proper precautions aren’t taken. These are all excellent ways to improve labor and maintenance costs. 

By ensuring the longevity of your flooring now, it will last even after you move on and sell your building. With these types of wet polished concrete floors, your building is more environmentally-friendly but this isn’t the only way working with Kaloutas’ specialty wet concrete polishing systems will help your business stay green. 

Finally, and maybe most importantly, Green Umbrella’s technology eliminates off-gassing. Unlike conventional systems, this wet polishing system offers a low-VOC concrete treatment. This means fewer pollutants in the air, which is much better for your employees’ health and safety. This means fewer sick days will need to be taken, helping you with labor costs. You can't afford not to work with a contractor who offers products that are best for your business' sustainability, employee health, and ROI.

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