How Wet Concrete Polishing Will Reduce Downtime, Labor, and Yield a Faster Turnaround at Your Facili

Posted on Monday, February 08, 2021

How Wet Concrete Polishing Will Reduce Downtime, Labor, and Yield a Faster Turnaround at Your Facili

As a property owner looking to sell or lease your asset, you want to offer something extra special to potential buyers or tenants to get it leased or purchased faster. A great way to do this is to ensure the buyer or tenant their return on investment will be worth their time and money. Wet concrete polishing will offer a dust free and safer environment. Conventional concrete polishing can cause significant downtime and can cost you a lot of money, time, and aggravation before you’ve even listed the property. When you work with the right partner, you can enjoy faster turnaround times and effective communication, which results in your property getting on the market faster. 

At Kaloutas, we offer wet concrete polishing that will reduce downtime, labor, yield a faster turnaround, and cut your environmental impact. Not only is it more efficient for you, but this is certainly a selling point when renting or selling your space.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

Why Wet Concrete Floor Polishing Is the Superior Option

If you are upgrading your commercial property to ensure a better return on investment (ROI), the last thing you need is to let your facility sit dormant as these improvements are handled. After all, the entire point of upgrades is to make more money, not less. Wet concrete polishing produces the finished product 10 times faster than conventional methods, allowing you to focus on completing all of your other “make ready” tasks efficiently.

Wet concrete polishing is also a much safer method than dry polishing due to the fact that it doesn’t cause potential illness in the lungs of those who enter your facility. This is achieved by significantly reducing the potential airborne silicates caused by traditional polishing methods.  

The newly polished floors are also safer once the property is occupied and business is running as usual. The polished floors will be able to withstand oil spills, creating a safer space for the business owner’s employees. Your operations and merchandise are also protected because our process creates a dust-free, low maintenance floor.

How Kaloutas Saves You Money and Time

Kaloutas offers wet concrete polishing to warehouses, facilities, industrial plants, and more, which we achieve with our new ride-on power trowels. We are equipped with the machinery, experienced team members, and products you need to lease your space faster with perfectly polished, safe, and environmentally-friendly concrete flooring. Since not all contractors have the rights to these products or possession of high-production equipment, we save you the headache of calling several contractors to do the job. 

As an extension of our team, we promise to operate the way you operate. Since our wet concrete polishing method is faster than other methods, this frees up our time to look at other remediations that need to take place in your asset before listing it. 

Hiring 5 services in one contractor for your “make ready” plan will save you both time and money - resulting in you leasing your asset faster. Flooring, Painting, Fireproofing, Industrial Cleaning, and Caulking - all working and communicating as one unit. In addition to our multiple service offerings, with the Kaloutas Partnership Program, you’ll have to manage fewer calls, fewer walkthroughs, and fewer points of contact, resulting in more profit. You will be able to focus on getting your asset ready to generate revenue. 

The Kaloutas Difference

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