How Products Like Aerolon Allow Kaloutas to Reduce Client Downtime and Solve Unique Problems

Posted on Monday, March 08, 2021

How Products Like Aerolon Allow Kaloutas to Reduce Client Downtime and Solve Unique Problems

Businesses across many industries are always seeking ways to protect and enhance their facilities without breaking the bank or resorting to inferior, sub-optimal products and processes. Specialized technology often holds the key to achieving these goals, but not every contractor is equipped to provide these state-of-the art solutions to their client base. Kaloutas, on the other hand, has the knowledge and experience to implement highly-specialized products that can bolster a business’ bottom line in more ways than one, as well as the trust from our partners. Aerolon is a prime example of such a product. 

Let’s discuss how specialty products like Aerolon allow us to solve our clients’ unique problems without significantly halting their operations.

What to Know About Aerolon Insulation

What Is Aerolon?

Tnemec’s Aerolon is the only insulation solution of its kind. Combining the high-performance insulating solid aerogel with Tnemec’s quality coatings, Aerolon provides powerful thermal insulation to assets like pipes, valves, tanks, and structural steel. This advanced spray foam insulation solution goes on quickly and allows owners and engineers to better control thermal transfer and condensation while mitigating the effects of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Already we can see that with its quick application and ability to solve major issues like corrosion, this material is ideal for those who must remain on schedule and budget.

Advantages of Aerolon Over Other Insulation Solutions

Aerolon provides multiple benefits for our teams and our clients alike. For one thing, Aerolon is a labor-friendly alternative to all other types of industrial insulation. Installing mechanical insulation can take several days, if not weeks -- compare this to Aerolon, which can be fully applied in as little as one day and completed either in-shop or in the field, depending on the situation. Aerolon isn’t just more flexible in terms of scheduling, however -- it’s also more flexible in terms of application. Because Aerolon is applied via spraying, it can more easily coat joints, bends, valves (important for pipe insulation), and otherwise hard-to-reach areas that mechanical insulation materials (i.e. wool or fiberglass) struggle to cover. And unlike other spray-on insulative coatings, which may require 8-10 coats in total and contain a low foam build, Aerolon offers even more protection with as little as two coats. With this immediate superior application, business owners can rest assured that their property is being cared for for the best value.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, Aerolon provides higher-performance protection for surfaces. Whereas lower-quality insulation solutions can contribute to steel corrosion, Aerolon is specifically designed to mitigate these deteriorative effects. All of this protection, flexibility, and efficiency translates to fast turnaround times for our clients and longer-lasting results.

Using Aerolon for a Variety of Applications Across Many Industries

Considering the size and variety of Kaloutas’ client base, it helps to have as many tools in our toolbox as possible. Aerolon is one of these unique tools we offer that other contractors cannot. We can implement all of the positive attributes of Aerolon in virtually any facility out there, such as water treatment plants, waste facilities, industrial settings, food and beverage facilities, etc., so long as the client has a need for quality insulation for their pipes, tanks, and/or other steel surfaces. We make a strong effort to educate our clients on specialized products like Aerolon, so they fully grasp the utility of our offerings -- the more they know about the various tools we can provide, the more we can help them in both the short- and long-term. Since we have exclusive rights to products like Aerolon, we provide expert care, maintenance, and remediation, on your budget, as no other contractor can.

At Kaloutas, we are always adapting to customer needs, and we’re able to do this by building close relationships with each of our clients and partners. Exclusive products like Aerolon help us solve our clients’ problems and maintain their facilities while saving them time and money. With a more efficient product, facilities can stay open and move on to other projects faster. To learn more about us and all that we do, contact us online, or give us a call at 978-532-1414 today.

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