The Advantages of Using Space Containment Services and How it Increases Productivity and Safety

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Advantages of Using Space Containment Services and How it Increases Productivity and Safety

At Kaloutas, we believe that conducting a successful commercial or industrial project is contingent on what we dub “the three C’s”: communication, coordination, and containment. If one of these factors is missing from the equation, problems are bound to arise. A lack of communication opens the door to accidents and misunderstandings; a failure to properly coordinate tasks can slow down or even halt production; and neglecting to contain certain projects can cause distractions, F.O.D, safety hazards, and various forms of damage.

Let’s dive deeper into this third “C,” containment, outlining how utilizing space containment services can increase a facility’s productivity and safety.

What to Know About Containment Services

What Is Meant by Space Containment?

As its name suggests, space containment refers to various strategies aimed at partially or completely enclosing a work area in order to prevent certain objects, debris, and contaminants from escaping or entering the containment barrier system.  Containment also provides an outstanding “sightline management system” for your employees while work is being performed in production areas. At Kaloutas, we offer a number of space containment strategies optimized for specific projects and circumstances. For instance, we provide floor to ceiling containment (wherein we hang and move “walls” of 4-mil fire-retardant plastic as we progress through a facility) and foreign object debris/damage (FOD) prevention/containment, always following OSHA, ISO, and GMP regulations.  Should your employees require passage through the space to enter other areas, we will build containment hallways for them. Simply put, our teams have the equipment and expertise to properly isolate virtually any work area that warrants this treatment.

Advantages of Using Space Containment Services

The advantages of space containment might be somewhat self-explanatory, and we’ve already touched on some of them in our description above. Still, it’s worth providing further details regarding the benefits of isolating a work area.

Maintaining Steady Production Schedules

Halting or merely slowing down production can be extremely costly for many facilities. At the same time, however, failing to perform routine facility maintenance can result in an even costlier long-term problems. Unfortunately, this maintenance work often interferes with production, creating a challenging trade-off. By isolating key areas, however, space containment services help reduce the friction between production processes and scheduled maintenance. As our teams work to maintain and/or enhance your facility, the surrounding areas will remain clear, accessible, and operational. In other words, proper space containment eliminates the need to completely shut down a facility during scheduled maintenance.

Minimizing Mess and Distractions

Maintaining your facility’s productivity isn’t merely a matter of keeping it accessible -- distractions (both tangible and intangible) can also slow down operations. When a work area is wide open, there is nothing to obstruct certain sights, sounds, and splatters. These disturbances might seem mild at face value, but over time they can interfere with normal workflow. Our space containment services take these potential distractions into consideration and mitigate them as much as possible so everything stays on schedule.

Maximizing Workplace Safety

The distractions outlined above can certainly interrupt operations. More importantly, however, these distractions can become safety hazards. Loud work environments can become dangerous as they prevent communication and cut off key audio cues. Visual distractions can also lead someone to collide with others and objects or slip and fall. And, of course, splattering materials and flying debris can put people in harm’s way. Industrial containment, then, is a key component of workplace safety, preventing potential hazards from leaking out into the workplace or entering the isolated work area.

Containing Foreign Object Debris (F.O.D.)

In any manufacturing facility, it is crucial to have a foreign object debris control procedure in place. Aerospace manufacturing facilities, for instance, must take F.O.D. seriously at every stage of the process, as something as small as a rogue bolt, nail, or screw can jam moving parts, short-circuit electrical components, tangle up control cables, and more. Not only is F.O.D. a safety hazard, then -- it’s also a major liability, potentially costing a manufacturer major sums in repair fees. Space containment services prevent materials from the inside from getting out and materials from the outside getting in, greatly reducing the risk of F.O.D. and related issues.

Surround Yourself with Expert Space Containment Services

Through our space containment services, Kaloutas has helped countless commercial and industrial facilities maintain and enhance their workplaces while prioritizing safety and retaining their flow of production. To learn more about us and all that we do, contact us online or give us a call at 978-532-1414.

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