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The Pros of Fiberglass-Based and Spray-Applied Thermal Acoustical Insulation

Posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Pros of Fiberglass-Based and Spray-Applied Thermal Acoustical Insulation

A poorly insulated commercial property is less comfortable, less efficient, and less inviting than its properly insulated counterparts. That said, traditional insulation projects can be costly, time-consuming, and still not deliver the optimal results. This is why we at Kaloutas specifically install fiberglass-based, spray-applied thermal-acoustical insulation for our clients across various industries. Let’s detail the many benefits of going with spray-applied thermal acoustic fiberglass insulation for your facility.

Benefits of Thermal Acoustical Insulation

Delivers significant Insulation and Noise Reduction Ratings

Our fiberglass-based, spray-applied thermal sound reduction insulation coatings provide facilities with the insulation (R-value) and soundproofing (NRC) levels they require. Achieving the proper R-value is important for maintaining energy efficiency since this rating measures how well surfaces resist heat transfer. Achieving a high NRC translates to the structure absorbing more soundwaves across a broader spectrum, thus reducing the overall “noisiness” within the building.  Noise transmission from adjoining facilities, parking garages, and nearby activities both inside and outside your building, will be mitigated, allowing for a quieter and enjoyable environment.

Compatible with Most Fireproofing Products

Achieving the proper balance between fireproofing your facility and insulating it can be challenging -- while fireproofing spray products can provide the necessary fire-rating, they impart very little insulation (R-value) or noise-reduction (NRC). To complicate things further, some insulation methods will negatively affect the installation of traditional fireproofing. Fortunately, the fiberglass-based thermal acoustical insulation we use can be easily applied over a wide variety of fireproofing products. In other words, there is no trade-off when applying these insulative coatings on top of existing (or at the same time as new) fireproofing -- you get the best of both worlds without undergoing a cost- and time-intensive project.

Relatively Quick and Easy Installation

Like other types of spray insulation, fiberglass-based, spray-applied thermal acoustical insulation is easy to apply to a wide range of surfaces.  However, because these materials adhere directly to the substrate they will closely follow an intentional contour while also smoothing an undesirable, uneven surface.

Achieving required ratings quickly

Spray-applied insulation is thick and durable, which offers the benefit of quick, incremental, increases in R-value and NRC per pass (coat).  For instance the R-value increases by 4 for every inch of thickness, and the NRC at 2” is 1.0.  Therefore an R-20 rating requires 5” which can all be installed without any mechanical support or additional steps.

Aesthetically-Pleasing Results

Fireproof insulation often gets a bad rap for its rough texture and unfinished appearance, and fiberglass-based, spray applied thermal acoustical insulative coatings can also suffer from an uneven and coarse final look. However, our specialists ensure that every application looks its best by providing an even coating on all surfaces and a consistent, uniform finish.  Plus, because these coatings easily go over fireproof paint, traditional fireproofing, and most existing surfaces you won’t have to worry about the eyesore and effort that comes with removing old coatings. Ultimately, you’ll end up with aesthetically-pleasing and effective results.

Stay Compliant with Building Codes and Requirements

When it comes to insulation solutions, achieving efficiency and compliance in mixed-use buildings (and any building, for that matter) can be a challenge and confusing. After all, different businesses might have their own regulations to consider. Fortunately, fiberglass-based spray-applied thermal acoustical insulation provides a comprehensive solution for virtually all facilities seeking to achieve compliance for soundproofing and thermal insulation. At Kaloutas, we’re committed to helping our clients improve the efficiency, appearance, and safety of their facilities without creating unnecessary work stoppages through our broad range of specialized services.

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