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Commercial Painting, Industrial Flooring & Fireproofing Services in Nashua, NH

Nashua, NH

About Our Nashua, NH Location

Because Kaloutas is a com­pa­ny born and raised in New Eng­land, we under­stand the huge range of envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors that your New Hamp­shire prop­er­ty faces. From inte­ri­or paint­ing and floor­ing ser­vices to cus­tomized exte­ri­or coat­ings that will stand up to the harsh­est of win­ters, we have the ser­vices, expe­ri­ence, and exper­tise you need.

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Ser­vices At Our Bed­ford, NH Location

Kaloutas is proud to work along­side New Hamp­shire busi­ness own­ers, gen­er­al con­trac­tors, facil­i­ty man­agers, and build­ing own­ers to keep their com­mer­cial facil­i­ty, indus­tri­al site, or ware­house run­ning smooth­ly year-round. We take a proac­tive approach to paint­ing, floor­ing, indus­tri­al clean­ing, and facil­i­ty main­te­nance that gets things done with­out stop­ping work, accord­ing to your health and safe­ty stan­dards, and your secu­ri­ty pro­to­col. Com­plete nec­es­sary projects with­out inter­rupt­ing pro­duc­tion. Learn about our ser­vices and con­tact us today to see what we can do for your facility.

Com­mer­cial Paint­ing: Com­mer­cial paint­ing ser­vices can pro­tect office walls, repair paint dam­age, boost your brand­ing, and increase your curb appeal. Year-round, you have our sup­port to com­plete paint­ing projects that keep your facil­i­ty safe and invit­ing. Our range of com­mer­cial paint­ing ser­vices include:

Fire­proof­ing: Indus­tri­al fire­proof­ing is crit­i­cal to facil­i­ty safe­ty. Apply­ing fire-retar­dant intu­mes­cent paints to walls, ceil­ings, and equip­ment pro­tects you, your team, and your prod­uct. Don’t let fire dam­age shut you down or halt pro­duc­tion. Kaloutas applies fire­proof coat­ings with­out stop­ping work. Our fire­proof­ing ser­vices include:

  • Fire Retar­dant Paint
  • Intu­mes­cent Paint
  • Intu­mes­cent Coatings
  • Indus­tri­al Fireproofing
  • Insu­la­tion
  • Spray Fire Protection

Indus­tri­al Floor­ing: Indus­tri­al floor­ing has to with­stand heavy equip­ment, high foot traf­fic, and con­stant move­ment of prod­uct and peo­ple through­out your ware­house, man­u­fac­tur­ing site, or indus­tri­al facil­i­ty. Floor coat­ings can pro­tect against cross-con­t­a­m­i­na­tion, chem­i­cal cor­ro­sion, fire dam­age, and more. Stay com­pli­ant with OSHA and oth­er indus­try reg­u­la­tions, and pass nec­es­sary inspec­tions, with indus­tri­al floor­ing by Kaloutas. Our ser­vices include:

Indus­tri­al Clean­ing: Indus­tri­al clean­ing ser­vices san­i­tize floor­ing, ceil­ings, walls, fix­tures, and equip­ment. In-depth clean­ing and blast­ing removes sur­face par­tic­u­lates that could con­t­a­m­i­nate prod­ucts and com­pro­mise employ­ee health and safe­ty. When prepar­ing to apply or reap­ply pro­tec­tive coat­ings, indus­tri­al clean­ing is nec­es­sary to ensure coat­ings adhere prop­er­ly and with­stand the demands of pro­duc­tion. Kaloutas’ indus­tri­al clean­ing ser­vices include:

  • Equip­ment Cleaning
  • Indus­tri­al Degreasing
  • Machin­ery & Line Cleaning
  • Ceil­ing & Wall Cleaning
  • Main­te­nance Plans

Caulk­ing & Sealants: Mois­ture dam­age can wreak hav­oc on walls, floor­ing, and fix­tures in your facil­i­ty Tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­a­tions can com­pro­mise your prod­uct. And pest intru­sion or mold growth can put you out of com­pli­ance and at risk of shut­down. Keep facil­i­ties struc­tural­ly sound, and work unin­ter­rupt­ed with indus­tri­al caulk­ing and sealant ser­vices by Kaloutas. Our caulk­ing & sealants ser­vices include:

  • Expan­sion Joints
  • Con­trol Joints
  • Archi­tec­tur­al Caulking
  • Noise Reduc­tion
  • Water Dam­age Repair

Con­tain­ment: Indus­tri­al con­tain­ment pre­vents debris, dust, con­t­a­m­i­nants, and for­eign object debris (FOD) from com­pro­mis­ing your equip­ment, your prod­uct, and your facil­i­ty health and safe­ty. Kaloutas works with you to set up con­tain­ment accord­ing to your com­pli­ance needs. When com­plet­ing paint­ing and facil­i­ty main­te­nance, we uti­lize proven con­tain­ment strate­gies to keep you oper­a­tional. Our con­tain­ment ser­vices include:

  • Asbestos Con­tain­ment
  • Debris Pre­ven­tion
  • Dust Pre­ven­tion
  • Floor-to-Ceil­ing Barrier
  • Neg­a­tive Air Systems

What Sets Kaloutas Apart

One Vendor

No need to onboard multiple teams with separate project management styles and budgets. Get it all done with Kaloutas.

Inspection Support

Our inspection prep services keep you safe, compliant, and productive.

Proactive Planning

Stay 3 steps ahead on projects for every area of your facility.

True Partnership

We're your year-round partner for a cleaner, more productive commercial or industrial site.

Do More With One Vendor: Facility Maintenance Plans by Kaloutas

getting stuck in a cycle of bidding wars, onboarding, and project planning.
🛑 a periodic maintenance plan with Kaloutas to keep your company going strong year-round.

Together We Will...

  • Get upgrades done, even on a time or budget crunch.
  • Streamline contractor onboarding.
  • Create a customized facility maintenance plan.
  • Work “3 steps ahead”: prepare for inspections, expansions, and operations changes without stopping work.

With Kaloutas as Your Single Vendor...

All your facility maintenance, flooring, specialized coating, industrial cleaning, and building inspection prep gets done by a team who works how you work:

  • Your safety and compliance requirements.
  • Your rules and regulations.
  • Your products and equipment.
  • Your operations processes and production schedule.

Floor to ceiling, inside and out, protect your surfaces, your products, your people, and your equipment with expert facility support from Kaloutas. Call us today to get started.

What Our Clients Say

“Customer service and quality from Kaloutas are unmatched. A great working relationship among both the office and field staff.”
- Alexander Wong
“Jay Culbert and his team have been a total delight to work with. This job, which could have been a nightmare, has gone ever so smoothly. Jay has done a great job wrangling all the involved trades into a seamless unit. The Board of Trustees is delighted. Jay is a joy, as is his cohort. Please know how happy the Board and I are and how much I look forward to working with Jay, and Kaloutas again. ”
- Nora Pepper, Regional Property Manager
Copley/Finch Management Corp
“Thank you for the level of service and professionalism that you have provided to us on a daily basis. Our success together is a true testament of what teamwork can really do. Thank you.”
- Kevin Hansen, Director of Estimating
Windover Construction
“Kaloutas has done a dozen or so projects for JM Coull in recent years, rising to the occasion each time with quality, on time delivery. They do a great job on the front end of each opportunity, able to accurately estimate and plan for the needs of a project with even the most preliminary information. In short, when Kaloutas is on the team, that's one less trade to worry about!”
- Tom Dube
Vice President, JM Coull, Inc
“It is without hesitation that I convey my high level of satisfaction with the entire team at Kaloutas. Over the past decade, we have worked together on various projects, including healthcare, retail, multifamily housing, and hospitality. Service, quality and commitment to budget are the attributes that allow us to be successful, and enable us to achieve high repeat client levels. Those are attributes we find in Kaloutas. I consider myself and the organization I represent to be a happy repeat customer. ”
- Edward Defanti
Sr. Vice President, Essex Builders Corp.
“We have had a highly successful working relationship with Kaloutas for ten years. Throughout this time, Kaloutas has often been responsible for the painting scope of work on our most difficult and challenging projects. Kaloutas consistently has met the expectations of cm&b in all respects. Not only are they competitive with every business opportunity, they are critically attentive to schedule and quality of work. As Kaloutas has grown over the years, they have been able to retain the core values that made them successful in the early years of their business. We view Kaloutas as a progressive company that recognizes that successful management leads to success as a Painting contractor. We appreciate the business relationship that we have with Kaloutas, and would recommend them to any client that should have painting needs. ”
- Sean Fahy
President, CM&B
“We’ve been working with Kaloutas for a year. They most recently worked on our Central Plaza shopping center in Wellesley, MA and we are extremely pleased with the result. From the initial project bid to the complete execution of interior and exterior work, Kaloutas remains professional and responsive. They clearly value not only their relationship with Linear Retail Properties but also our relationships with our clients. Kaloutas delivers a quality product on time and on budget.”
- Bryan Furze
Vice President, Linear Retail
“I have worked with Kaloutas for 6 years now. The repeat business they see is a result of their competence, attention to detail, understanding towards a projects specific needs, accommodating approach and timeliness in execution and response. When I have them on my team, I know I have one less area for concern and my efforts can be focused on the projects most challenging aspects.”
- Jeff Cameron
Senior Project Manager, J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.

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